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26 December 2010 @ 12:19 am
Title: Anhata
He dreams of her, sometimes.
Haven't written anything Zelda-related in a while. TP universe.

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13 December 2010 @ 12:25 pm
Anime - Vampire Knight 5x
Games - Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda 23x 


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05 August 2010 @ 05:05 am
Anime/Manga (Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Prince of Tennis, Sorceress Stabber Orphen) 45x
Games (Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda) 55x

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24 May 2010 @ 10:07 pm
LOZ: Twilight Princess → 105 (Link, Midna, Zelda, Ashei, Ganondorf, Zant, Ilia, Telma, Agitha, contains SPOILERS)
Busou Renkin → 80 (79 Tokiko, 1 Kazuki; screencaps and doujinshi, may contain spoilers)
Super Mario Bros. Movie → 10 (Goomba, Mario, Luigi, King Koopa, etc.; screencaps)
Boxer Hockey (Sonic) → 7
Fate/Stay Night → 18 (All Saber; doujinshi)


All found here @ noishe!
17 May 2010 @ 05:59 pm
Title: If It's Dinsday, This Must Be Castle Town
Author: ladynorbert
Pairing: Multiple. Link/Zelda and Rusl/Uli are there but chiefly in the background. The meat of the story involves matchmaking among the rest of the Resistance.
Rating: 13+, just to be safe.
Setting: Post-Twilight Princess
Warnings: Fluff and nonsense.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Zelda franchise and make no money from the fanfic I write. I also don't own any of the movies whose titles I parodied in the course of writing this.
Author's Notes: This is set in the fic universe of my multichaptered story, "Til the Sun Grows Cold and the Stars Grow Old," but although references to events in that story are made, you don't have to have read it in order to get this. All you need to know is that Link and Zelda are married, Auru and Ashei are captains in the royal guard, Shad is the court linguist and historian, and Rusl is retired. Quite a lot of this was born out of conversation or roleplay with my good friend oldschoollozfan; a certain element of the final chapter comes from a suggestion from my friend sheikah. The title is a spoof of a film called If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium, but has nothing to do with the plot; when I realized this would have to be more than a one-shot, I decided all the chapter titles would be movie spoofs too. The final chapter, however, takes its name verbatim from an episode of the old Legend of Zelda cartoon. Feedback welcome! Crossposted to a couple different Zelda comms.
Summary: Rusl is devoted to his wife and family in Ordon Village. But every several weeks, he makes a jaunt to Castle Town to spend the weekend at Telma's tavern, catching up with his old friends and their gossip. Not that he'd ever dream of interfering...
Status: Complete. Five chapters total, which can be found here:
Chapter One: The Goddesses Must Be Crazy
Chapter Two: One Flew Over the Cucco's Nest
Chapter Three: Dr. Borville, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Factory
Chapter Four: The Hylian Patient
Chapter Five: A Hitch in the Works
21 January 2010 @ 06:07 pm
So, sorry ahead of time i have no idea how to do cuts and stuff. and the pics are kinda crap quality, but my zelda/lotr backpiece is done.
07 January 2010 @ 05:42 pm
Sorry if it's not really aloud but I'm here to introduce a new zelda RP!


If you don't know what formspring is, it's a site that allows you and other users to ask eachother question. I've found it's really good to RP on by answering anonomous questions in character and to answer other characters' questions and RP with them. This RP is literally all zelda characters! You could be a deku shrub if you wanted to. All games, all enimies, all characters, etc. Anyway, please come join!
20 November 2009 @ 12:53 am
Long time, no icon post.

Clannad x1
Cowboy Bebop x5
Serial Experiments Lain x4

J Artists:
Miyavi x6

David Lachapelle Photography x8
Shimotsuma monogatari x1
Lolita x2

Video Games:
The Legend of Zelda x3
Kingdom Hearts I x1

( Follow the fake cut! )
31 October 2009 @ 04:30 pm

I am going to resume playing Twlight Princess soon but I am stuck currently on a part and I need to ask if I've somehow skipped a part.

possible game spoilersCollapse )
10 October 2009 @ 03:08 pm
I'm stuck somewhere and my walk through is no help. I was wondering if this community would be an appropriate place to ask for help.

I'm playing Twilight Princess on the Wii and I'm in the tree maze. I'm trying to use the spider bomb to blow a hole in the bolder to get through the blocked door. Now the nearest spider bomb I can find is the one I used to kill the flower thing, so I'm trying to jump over the gap with a bomb and get it to the bolder before it blows up on me.

And I'm failing. Big Time.

Any tips to make it easier? Is there a better way?

If this isn't a good place for this question I apologize.